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Assignment1 - various teams rumors and their own personal...

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Kimberly Feliberti Section 002 A more effective method to choose the high school football champion is needed, the present system in use is unfair and unsound. Editors of sports pages, coaches, and radio cast vote every week for the ten best teams, and the school that receives the largest number of the votes is considered to be the team in the first position. When the season comes to an end, the team that is first place is declared the champion. Objections could be made to this system, but it is there is nothing to change it. Those who cast ballots to register their choices cannot find time to watch more than a half-dozen teams on a single weekend; for this reason, they base their reasons on a comparison of scores made by
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Unformatted text preview: various teams, rumors, and their own personal prejudices. The system rewards a team that runs up large scores, and it may encourage to schedule only teams consider easy to beat. If the coach has a chance to win the title, he will permit his varsity play throughout the game. His star passer may be tired or slightly injured, but he will be tempted to let him in the game. A team that is defeated by lopsided scores every week loses their interest, and the result is that some of the boys give up football. It is unfair for the coaches, player, and fans to name the champion of the state by weekly contest....
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