Dickinson - Emily Dickinson one of Americas early female...

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Emily Dickinson one of America’s early female poets and one of the greates American poets of all times(book). Dikinson was well known for her unique style of writing, and became an inspiration for poets of next generations. This mysterious American poet was born on 10 th of December, 1830 in Amherst, Massashusets, were she spend most of her life. Daugther of Edward Dickinson and Emily Norcross Dickinson, she was the second of three childs. Her dad was a Whig representative to state and national legislatures. Emily Dickinson attended Amherest Academy from 1840 to 1846 and later attended Mount Holyoke Female seminar in 1847 to 1848(book). After a year in the seminar she decided to withraw because she started feeling homesick. After her return from Amherst, Dickinson spend the rest of her lifetime in her family house called the “Homested”. Her final years she suffered from health problem in 1860 she suffered from eye pain, having the possibility to loos her vision, and May of 1886 she died form a kidney disease called ‘Bright’s Disease”(book). She lieved a live of seclusion and inner- complex life style, which directly reflects in her poems. Dickinson wrote aproximatly 1800 poems but only seven of them were published during her lifetime. It was not until 1886 after her dead when her sister found thousands poems hidden in Dickinson room. Many assumptions of her life have been made out of Dickinson poems, since not much was known from her when she was alife, it is hard to get a good understanding of her poems, since they are compose of simple words that have a infinity amount of interpretations. Given the fact tht shelieved secluded since she was aproximatly twenty years old.
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Through her symbolic writing and variety of themes such as: love, death, nature, and religion, it shows how Dickinson’s life events greatly shaped her poetry. Specially in her isolation phase it was easier to write about these topics. In this period of her life Emily Dickinson wrote most of her poems than in any other moment, it came facile to her since it was the best and easiest way she could express herself to mitigate her problems with isolation. In
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Dickinson - Emily Dickinson one of Americas early female...

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