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The Biochemical Importance of Water-11

The Biochemical Importance of Water-11 - The Biochemical...

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Figure Surface Tension and Cohesion (Nave, 2000) The Biochemical Importance of Water The biological importance of water, a question we can not denied how asking our own self how a simple molecule of three atoms, like water, is the most important molecule for life. Without water life on earth will not exist. But fortunately 71 percent of the Earth surface is covered by water, mostly saltwater but thanks to the hydrologic cycle of water we can get fresh water for the organism needs. A water molecule has a molecular mass of 18 g/mol. Its structure does not have a linear form, instead it has a pyramid structure like, it has a tetrahedral form with an angle of 104.5 ° between the two hydrogen attach to the oxygen. Water is incompressible because of its unique properties: high boiling point, high melting point, polarity, density, cohesion, solvent and pH. Water besides being the major component of Earth it is also the major component of the cell, forming about 70% of it. Water is essential for many chemical reactions in the body. Primarily hydrolysis, the breakdown of the water into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxide (-OH). Also “a chemical reaction in which the interaction of a compound with water results in the decomposition of that compound” ("Hydrolysis", 2008). Hydrolysis is important for digestion hydrolysis to break down proteins, carbohydrates and fat into smaller molecules. Without this process the body will not be able to absorb nutrients nor release energy, which are essential for a nutrition and life. Water also helps as a lubricant for digestion (Kreutles, 2004). Water also plays a major role in the kidney removing waste products as urine. Water besides being a neutral molecule with a pH of 7.0 it could either become basic or acidic depending on the hydrogen ions concentration. Acidity is an essential variable in life that could determine how some molecules interact
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chemically. It can influence various molecules to act and react due to the fact of pH levels in the environment. For example certain enzyme activation, and stomach acid that help with digestion. Water has numerous biological importances in life but what really makes water such an essential element is its chemistry. Water molecules compose of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Hydrogen and oxygen atoms are attached through covalent bond since they share electrons. This electron sharing create an unequal sharing of electron, which creates a dipole between hydrogen and oxygen; it gives the hydrogen a partially positive (ð+) and oxygen a partially negative (ð-). Since
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The Biochemical Importance of Water-11 - The Biochemical...

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