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1 Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo College of Architecture and Environmental Design Landscape Architecture Department LA 211 Winter Quarter 2011 Astrid F. Reeves Part Two - English Age of Enlightenment – 18 th Century Begins in the days of Queen Anne early 1700’s Affluent Merchant Class Rise of the Sciences – World Travel Better roads make travel easier, so travel for pleasure is possible Laudable interest in Nature Great Interest in “Nature” writings and general interest in gardens “Natural Manifestation” gives the world a wave of romanticism and sentimentality. Worship and Deification Public interest and awareness – writing Criticism Open debate The Landscape Garden School “The Beautiful” – (1712 –1790) Influenced by landscape paintings – “gardens of illusion” Dutch Painters example: Meindert Hobbema (1636-1709) Avenue at Middle Harnis Laying out country estates to be more park like Design on a grand scale Gardens of Illusion and Sublime (awe inspiring, large, heroic) Gardens which “smoothed nature” – made nature look more beautiful Brings about the distortion of the “idea” of nature Really sets man apart from Nature Gave England its “pastoral look “ Designed spaces that were “Parks” for wealthy private estates Some of the Characters: Charles Bridgeman (d.1738) An English garden designer much influenced by the French style. He played a crucial role
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English_Age_of_Enlightenment2_11 - Cal Poly State...

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