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Unformatted text preview: ge of Enligh nment - 18 Centur Philosophical Movement - Individualism and Democracy Knowledge is both Empirical and Rational Arcadian Landscape dominated by changing moods, spaces and vistas to provoke poetic experiences. venue at Middl arni - eindert Hobbem 1636 -1709 ge of Enligh nmen Time of the Country House which is built for Retreat and Introspection ir Isaac New n 1642 - 1727 Light, Motion, development of infinitesimal calculus, laws of gravity Foundations for Modern Science John Locke 1632 1704 All Knowledge of the World must rest on sensory experience. Essay Concerning Human Understanding 1690 Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712 - 1778 Importance of Reverie and Imagination Goodness of Natural Man and the Inspirational Character of Man “Romanticism” om a s Je ers o 174 3 - 182 6 political philosopher agriculturalist, horticulturalist, architect, surveyor, lawyer, founder of the University of Virginia……… arie An ine e Hamlet Versai es 1770 erme Orn n ony Ashley Coope ird Earl o haf sbur 1671 - 1713 philosopher of morality, aesthetics and religion “Genius of Place” Religion is based on Nature God is in the Natural Environment Grotto’s, cascades and other landscape dramas stimulate the mind. (Happiness comes from mental stimulation) rcadian Landscapes wi Classical eme ichola oussi 1594 - 1665 andscape wi St. John o atmo urydic andscape wi Orpheus & laud orrai 1600 - 1682 Pastoral Landscape View of La Crescenza e Picturesqu i iam Gilpi 1724 - 1804 Vicar o oldr bold scenery, bold rock outcrops, contrast of light, grouping of trees Visited Stowe "a wood so situated, as that line it forms at its base, may be seen. (23)" "Wood, seen on top of a hill, where line it forms is no object. (24)” From Gilpin’s notebook Remarks on the Forest - 1781 ...
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