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English_Renaissance_2B - e Picturesqu i iam Gilpi 1724 1804...

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Unformatted text preview: e Picturesqu i iam Gilpi 1724 - 1804 Vicar o oldr advoca d e use of laude Glas The Beautiful & The Picturesque Richard Payne Knight (1750 -1824) “An Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste” – 1805 Beauty is a product of internal mental acts. alva r Rosa 1615-1673 e Picturesqu e Beau The Beautiful & The Picturesque Uvedale Price (1747 – 1829) Essay on the Picturesque Price writes that “Capability Brown is too soft, too feminine” The picturesque is between the Beautiful and the Sublime. e Lancelo anbrug apabili lenhei ridge 1720 rown Lake - 1764 Alexander Pope (1688 - 1744) Poet, satirist, garden lover “In all, let Nature never be forgot. But treat the goddess like a modest fair, not overdress, nor leave her wholly bare.” Sheringham Hall Norfolk, England Humphry Repton 1752 - 1818 “Redbooks” Landscape Gardener “the united powers of the landscape painter and the practical gardener” uckinghamshire, England approx 400 acre Sir Richard Temple (1st Viscount of Cobham) 1675 - 1749 Whig Politician who created a garden as a Satirical Statement Country Estate of the Aristocracy w Left Plan: by Charles Bridgeman (1711 - 1730) and John Vanbrugh Right Plan: William Kent and Lancelot Capability Brown (1731 - 1750) “All Gardening is a Landscape Painting”……William Kent quote ...
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  • Stowe House, Lancelot Capability Brown, Richard Payne Knight, English landscape architects, Capability Brown, internal mental acts

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