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English_Renaissance_2C - uckinghamshire Englan w e H ou s e...

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Unformatted text preview: uckinghamshire, Englan w e H ou s e, 17 3 0 uckinghamshire, Englan w e H ous e Grand Avenue wi Boyco Pavilions - 1728 rchi ct James Gibb w e H ous ou S id e o f P ro p er The Ha Ha by Charles Bridgeman (based on the ideal of Ferme Ornée) y Wi iam Ken look like a Pa adian Vi i a cen al exedr leopa a, aus n , ero an espasia esigned e m p le o f V e n u s - 1 7 3 1 8 y Wi iam Ken e H erm ita g 7 a k e P a v i li o n s & E n y A r c y Sir Joh anbrug 5 n ance lysian Field 1768 o ric A rc 13 - i obha oat of Arm i iam Kent 1739 empla Quam Delect ot rea y archi cture, but borrow archi ctural mannerism e b b le A lc o v 3 on u m en t omedy is i iam Kent 1736 e imita on of life and e glass of fashio C on g rev e d ra m a s t 4 ...
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