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Unformatted text preview: p - Ramp around Dragon Fountai ountain of Neptune foreground a r Organ background emple of Apo o at e Top of e Fountai ountain of Neptune - Wa r Orga a r way o iver Anien po o Lyre and Orpheus violin e statue of e Ephesian Dian ymbol of mo er-ear enice - Venezi dria c Se enic - enezi enice - Venezi enezi enezi ial Bridge, 1591 enezi wards enezi e Piazze a dei Leoncini - Palazzo Ducal 1309 - 1424 olumns of Marco Lion of St Mark an odaro St Teodoro af Amasea on e crocodile of Egypt iblio ca Marcian 3 ship masts which y iazza de San Marcos,Venic e ags of San Marco and e Ci of Venic iazza de San Marcos,Venic iazza de San Marco enic iazza de San Marcos,Venic iazza San Marco 1831 Pla an Marcos Basilica - Byzan ne - 1094 an Marcos Basilica - Canale o, 1740 ...
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