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Final_Review_Lecture_D - enice Piazze iazza Campidoglio...

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Unformatted text preview: enice - Piazze iazza Campidoglio 1538 Michelangelo is commissioned by Pope Paul III to create a monumental civic square. (1564 Michelangelo dies) Development of Spatial Order and Symmetry iazza Campidoglio Palazzo del Senatore right is Palazzo dei Conservatori left is Palazzo Nuovo (built in 1654 to create a balanced composition) Cordonata Monumental Stair-Ramp (Built in 1578 by Giacomo della Porta) Far left is the ancient church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli ordonata and S ps Santa Maria in Aracoel iazz ampidoglio ordonat Sculptures of Castor and Pollux - represent Emperor and the Pope iazza Campidoglio Palazzo del Senatore, statue of Marcus Aurelius iazza Campidoglio iazza Campidoglio iazza Campidoglio iazza Navona, Rome, Ital iazza Navon built on an old Roman Circus (81 - 96 AD) iazza Navon 17th Century artist and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini was hired to design the piazza between 1647 - 1651 ian Lorenzo Bernin - 1598- 1680 Ecstacy of St Theresa, Cornaro Chapel Apollo & Daphne ian Lorenzo Bernin 1598- 1680 Baroque sculptor, painter, architect designed firework shows and funeral processions iazza Navon 1647 - 1651 Bernini reorganizes the space through the addition and redesign of fountains at the top (north) is the Neptune Fountain designed by Bernini built in 1800 middle - Fontana del Quattro Fiume Four Rivers Fountain (1648 - 1651) Baroque Church of St Agnese by Francesco Borromini (1652 - 1677) at the bottom (south) - Moro Fountain iazza Navon iazza Navon oro Fountain and St. Agnus Churc iazza Navona - Neptune Fountai 1648 - 1651 Commissioned by Pope Innocent X travertine and marble 4 marble sculptures around an Egyptian Obelisk (symbol of Divine Light and Eternity) Danube Nile Ganges Plate ontana de Qua ro Fium e Danube and e Nile hold e pop emblem of lilie eace and e dove Holy Spirit ...
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