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Unformatted text preview: e Danube and e Ganges. e Ganges is holding an Oar. e Nile - Shroude acing e Church of St Agnese designed by Borromini is io de la Plat e Moro Fountain - 1633 iazza San Pie o, Rome Ital The Church, The Vatican and the Piazza are combined to celebrate the spiritual center of Christendom. Combines Renaissance and Baroque Periods. an Pie o, Rome Ital owards Piazza Rus cucc approach on Via de a Conciliazion ernin o erly Arms of e Churc win Colonnade - 50 feet high - 4 columns dee win Colonnade - wrap e Basilic iazz e - onumental s p The French Renaissance Villandry Villandry c. 1532 Located on the banks of the Cher River 17.3 acres Original Owner Jean Le Brenton Francois I Secretary of State on a 12 century castle site Dr. Joachim Carvallo began restoration of the Garden in 1906 example of the Renaissance style and the tradition of the French Monastic Garden L’amour tragique L’amour folie L’amour tendre L’amour volage Villandry - Herb Garden - Le Jardin Simples Le Jardin Potager - Kitchen Garden Château et Le Jardin de Vaux le Vicomte Nicolas Fouquet (1615-1680) Finance Secretary to King Louis XIV purchased Vaux le Vicomte in 1641 at the age of 25 architect Louis Le Vau (1612 - 1670) Painter Charles Le Brun (1619- 1690) Landscape Gardener André Le Nôtre (1630 - 1700) Rene Descartes Father of Modern Mathematics and Modern Philosophy Andre Le Notre (1613 - 1700) painter, botanist, studied architecture & collected art Tuileries, Vaux Le Vicomte, Versailles, Marly Optical illusions, hydraulics, earthworks and botany Cartesian Method Rationalsim ...
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