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Unformatted text preview: utch Bulb 1600 ddi on of e Canal under Charles II 1630- 1685 ime Tree A ee and Canal in Pa e oie pa er ndre Mo et - designe ddi on of e Canal under Charles II 1630- 1685 ooking Back at lan ng beds in e foregroun e Palac ilderness - Part of i iam & Mar az esigned by Georg ondon and Henry Wis in 1690 e Age of Enligh nment 18 Century ilderness wi drifts of Da odil ic rian In uence wi Plan ng Bed rcadian Landscape domina d by changing moods, spaces and vistas hilosophical Movemen nowledge is bo ge of Enligh nment - 18 Centur - ndividualism and Democrac Empirical and Ra ona provoke poe c experiences. ge of Enligh nmen ime of e Coun y House which is built fo e eat and In ospec o venue at Middle Harnis - Meindert Hobbema 1636 -1709 Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712 - 1778 mportance of Reverie and Imagina o oodness of Natural Man an e Inspira onal Charac r of Ma oman cis arie An ine e Hamlet Versai es 1770 erme Orn a n d s ca pe w i S t. Joh n on P a tm os icholas Poussi 1594 - 1665 L a n d s ca pe w i O rp h eu s & E u ry d ic a s ra l L a n d s c a p e laude Lorrai 1600 - 1682 V i ew o f L a C r es c en z rcadian Landscapes wi Classical eme e Beau l & e Picturesqu ichard Payne Knigh 1750 -1824 n Analy cal Inquiry in rinciples of Tas - 1805 eau is a product of in rnal menta acts. alva r Rosa 1615-1673 e Picturesqu e Beau e Beau l& vendale Pric e Picturesqu rice wri s a apabili Brown is o soft, o feminin e picturesque is between e beau l and e sublime. heringham Ha orfolk, Englan umphry Rep 1752 - 1818 edbook andscape Gardene e uni d powers of e landscap ain r and e prac ca ardene oods ck, Oxfordshire, Englan lenheim 1705 - 1934 lenheim 1705 - 1935 oods ck, Englan ...
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