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Final_Review_Lecture_Part_Two_C - i lenhei River Glym 1664...

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Unformatted text preview: i lenhei River Glym 1664 - 1726 enry Wis 1653 - 1738 John Vanbrug & enry Wis English Royal Landscape Gardener Quee Gardener @ amp n Court a r design wi 4 Duke in 1764 1653 - 1738 ancelo apabili row 1716 - 1783 Henry Wise and George London The Retir’d Gardener Theoretically dreamed of a simple life which included the following: ancelo 1716 - 1783 apabili row nglish Landscape Gardene Agriculture Industry (labor and books, perfect knowledge) e last of e great English 18 Century ar st be accorded his du Water (water trees and our souls) Terra (mother earth) uch, however, was e e ect of his genius a hen he was e happiest man, he wi be leas emembered; so closely did he copy nature at hi orks wi be mistaken Trees and Tools lenheim- Nor En lenhei anbrugh and Henry Wis e Grand Par rr lenhei rom Baroque e Beau e Cascad ake Edge at Blenhei e Lancelo e Vanbrugh Bridge 1720 apabili rown Lake - 1764 uckinghamshire, Englan ir Richard Temple 1st Viscount of Cobham 1675 - 1749 hig Poli cian who crea d a garden as a Sa rical Sta men w eft Plan: by Charles Bridgeman 1711 - 1730 and John Vanbrug ight Plan: i iam Kent and Lancelot Capabili Brown 1731 - 1750 e Grand Avenue wi Boyco Pavilions - 1728 rchi ct James Gibb we Hous e Ha Ha by Charles Bridgeman based on ou Side of Proper e ideal of Ferme Orn e y Wi iam Ken e Hermitag ake Pavilions & Doric Arc y Sir John Vanbrug 7 5 onument i iam Kent 1736 Congreve drama st emple of Bri s or ie 16 Busts, Whigs on i iam Kent 1734 iv er S 4 2 hinese Hous hinoiseri hen - w zer ew Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew , Surrey, Englan agoda Wi iam Chambers - 1762 24 163 feet, 10 s ries, tapers 1 ft per s r ...
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