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Unformatted text preview: A H IS T O R Y O F LANDSCAPE A R C H IT E C T U R E Ancient Civilizations through Colonial America Astrid Reeves Landscape Architecture Department LA Winter Quarter The Shaping of Space The Meaning of Place What are Cultural Landscapes? Culture People and Belief systems Landscape Context Environment Design and Landscape Architecture The Shaping of Space The Meaning of Place The history and study of landscape design is really a re ection of the history of human culture Human expression on the Land otherwise known as Cultural Landscapes Cultural Landscapes Genius Loci give us a sense of place reveal our relationship with land over time history of human culture: our values of time and space Cultural Landscapes have been de ned by the W o r ld H e r i t a g e C o m m i t t e e valases of geographical areas or properties uniquely u distinct representing the combined work of nature and of man Dresden Elbe Valley Germany ...
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