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Unformatted text preview: Unesco United Nations Educational Scienti c and Cultural Organization Established in to develop dialogue based upon respect for shared values and dignity of each civilization particularly in the face of terrorism which constitutes an attack against humanity www unesco org Four Types of Cultural Landscapes The Cultural Landscapes Foundation Founded by Charles Birnbaum ASLA Stewardship through Education Nine Mile Canyon in Central Utah Landscapes at Risk Historic Sites A landscape signi cant for its association with a historic event activity or person Mission San Antonio de Valero San Antonio Texas est Historic Designed Landscapes A landscape that was consciously designed or laid out by a landscape architect master gardener architect or horticulturist according to design principles or an amateur gardener working in a recognized style or tradition Mt Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge Mass Historic Vernacular Landscapes A landscape that evolved through use by the people whose activities or occupancy shaped that landscape Bodie California State Historic Park Gold Mining Town in a state of arrested decay” ...
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