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Unformatted text preview: Ethnographic Landscapes A landscape containing a variety of natural and cultural resources that associated people de ne as heritage resources Canyon de Chelly National Monument Home of the Navajo Nation Photograph by Ansel Adams W H A T IS L A N D S C A P E A R C H IT E C T U R E ? • Landscape architecture encompasses the analysis planning design management and stewardship of the natural and built environments www asla org states other states have title act American Society of Landscape Architects advanced education and professional training licensed in W H A T IS L A N D S C A P E A R C H IT E C T U R E ? Types of projects include: parks and recreation monuments urban design streetscapes and public spaces transportation corridors gardens and arboreta security design hospitality and resorts academic campuses therapeutic gardens Reclamation brown eld conservation preservation corporate and commercial interior landscapes landscape art and earth sculpture agriculture preservation historic preservation and restoration www asla org American Society of Landscape Architects M issio n o f t h e A m e ric a n S o c ie t y o f L a n d sc a p e A rc h it e c t s To lead to educate to participate in the careful stewardship wise planning and artful design of our cultural and natural environments T h i s C u lt u r a l a n d L a n d s c a p e H i s t o r y i n v o lv e s the following elements & issues Perceptions : • Context Genius Loci People and Place Environment • Human Values & the Social Role of Design • Symbolism: Myth and Meaning • E ects of Invention and Technology • Aesthetics Design Structure ...
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