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LA211_11_Lecs_2&3_Ancient_CultureA - Cal Poly State...

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Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo College of Architecture and Environmental Design Landscape Architecture Department LA211 Winter, 2011 Astrid F. Reeves Perceptions of Place Define who we are. How we express design and place. Creation stories Axis Mundi Caves and Grottos Sacred Mountains Water Genius Loci Our own perceptions are defined by culture, place, spiritual belief system, economics, etc. History of Place through World Geography Land Mass Theory Plate Tectonics Pangaea, Earth Super-continent South America separates from Africa +/- 75 million years ago Africa and Arabia are islands separated from Europe a wide Ocean +/- 60 million years ago North America and Greenland separate from Eurasia and drift west +/- 45 million years ago Mediterranean region stabilized at about 500,000 years ago History of Culture 15 million years ago – possible emergence of erect man 1.5 million years ago - people discovered in Europe Discovery of tools in Auvergne, France 1 million years ago – Africa and Australia Paleolithic Age (500,000 BCE – 8000 BCE ) Strong glaciation changes (coldest period between 20,000 –18,000 BC) I-It relationship to environment (E.A. Gutkind) (E.A.Gutkind wrote 8 volumes on European urban history. Each of the eight large volumes has a long portion outlining the general urban history of the region, and a survey of the development of individual places.)
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