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6 Nazca Lines in Peru (200 BCE to Approx. 600 CE) Geoglyphs Connections to the gods Anasazi Cultures (500 BC – 1450 AD) – The Ancient Ones People of the Mountains, Mesas and Grasslands Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado Turn away from the hunting gathering cultures Before 700 AD lived in pit style houses Around 700 AD first Pueblo style homes Cultivated corn, beans and squash (corn- maize cultivation +/- 2800 BC) Domesticated turkeys (Mesa Verde) Basketry and later pottery Adapted bows and arrows Hohokum, Sinaqua (Western Anasazi), Mogollon Hohokum Culture (200 BC-1450 AD) Western Arizona Casa Grande (1300’sAD) (Outside Phoenix) Influences of Ball Courts from Meso American (1000 AD – 1450 AD) Irrigation Canals (up to 30 feet wide, 10 feet deep, 20 miles long)
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7 Sinaqua- Western Anasazi (500 AD- 1300 AD) Walnut Canyon, Southeast of Flagstaff, Arizona (1100’s – 1200’s) Cliff dwellings and pueblos in limestone cliffs Seasonal Stream of Walnut Creek , 600 foot deep canyon
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LA211_11_Lecs_2&3_Ancient_CultureB - Nazca Lines in...

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