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Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo College of Architecture and Environmental Design Landscape Architecture Department LA 211 – Winter Quarter 2011 Astrid F. Reeves SYMBOLISM AND ARCHETYPES Allee - avenue or walkway; perfectly straight, (usually enclosed by trees and/or buildings) Arbor - overhead plane, supports plants, linear Pergola - many different shapes, a walk of pillars, generally has flat roofs Gazebo - many different shapes, domed roofs, same as belvedere (a pavilion or raised turret or lantern on the top of a house, open for view or to let the breeze in Avenue - regular, ancient symbol, authority, procession, an approach lined with trees (dignifying a path) Bed - cultivate a particular plant, parterre gardens, carpet bedding - small plants packed tightly together to form a carpet like pattern, a plot for flowers (annuals/biennials) in the center of the garden, as opposed to the border Border - edge, perennials, flowering, path, wall Bosque, Bosk - a clump or grove of trees, small wooded place, thickly planted, can be planted in a grid or randomly (French: very dense, very regular, sides are clipped) (English: more relaxed, more romantic) Bosquet, Bosket - a small grove, thicket What the clearing is to a forest, a Bosque is to the open landscape. Clearing -
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SYMBOLISM&ARCHETYPES_11 - Cal P oly State Univ...

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