Test _ 3 makeup Solutions

Test _ 3 makeup Solutions - M . Physics 211 NAME / I M...

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Unformatted text preview: M . Physics 211 NAME / I M ‘E/ Fall 2010 Test # 3 Makeup All questions are worth 25 points. To receive full or partial credit, you must show your work clearly. I) An astronaut (mass = 150 kg with suit) in deep space is tethered to his spaceship (mass = 20,000 kg) by alight rope. The rope is 200 m long, and the astronaut is initially this far away from the ship. He now pulls on the rope to get back to the spacecraft. When he gets there, how far has the spacecraft moved from its original position? You can ignore the sizes of the astronaut and spaceship. a ,_. 0 O Grfi XCM ___ ZflmeH‘SOXZ m I 7 “ZOOM Zfltfifi :2: #4? CM 2) A 90 kg skier is sliding without friction along a horizontal path with 3 Speed of 28 m/s when she encounters a hill with an incline of constant slope all the way to the top, and a coefficient of sliding fiiction equal to‘ 0.19. The bill is 15m high. What must the angle of the incline be for her to just make it to the top? Mazmq UfiKa‘tWfler ZUz'éKZ 3) A thin hollow sphere starts from rest and rolls without slipping down an incline that makes an angle of 400 with the horizontal. If the incline is 15m long, how long does it take the sphere to get to the bottom? 4) A NON—uniform solid cylinder of radius 20cm and height 20cm has volume density p = (5 kg/In4)r, where r is the perpendicular distance from the cylinder’s axis of symmetry. What is the cylinder’s moment of inertia about this axis? CW =‘~ 2W?“de ., v . . .25., V” m: E "if'FerHEB 3 ...
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Test _ 3 makeup Solutions - M . Physics 211 NAME / I M...

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