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Amazon is one of the largest online businesses. Amazon was started back in 1994 as a book store out of a garage in Washington and went online in 1995. In 1997 Amazon wanted to create away to have costumers return so they allowed costumers make comments about books which was a huge success and made Amazon more like an online community. That same year they also started selling cds and movies. In 1998 they increased their inventory to include electronics, software, video games, and toys. Making it more like the Amazon we know today. In 2001 Amazon went through some hard times like most online companies and reported a loss of 1.4 billion dollars. To help the company turn around Amazon recruited other companies the sell there products online through Amazon. This helped to start to turn the company around and
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Unformatted text preview: last year their gross profit was 5.53 billion dollars. The balance sheet includes information about the company’s assets, both short term and long term. Last year the company had 9.8 billion dollars in current assets and 4.02 billion dollars in long term assets. It shows that Amazon had 3.4 billion dollars in cash or cash equivalents. The balance sheet shows liabilities that the company has both short term and long term debt. The company has 5.6 billion dollars in accounts payable. Because it is listed as a current liability we know that the company is going to have to pay back all that debt back within the next year. The balance sheet also shows you stockholders equity. The stockholders equity shows how much of a stake the stock holders have in the company....
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