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402 North Griffin St. Dallas, TX 74105 October 25, 2010 Mr. Orion Murillo Manager, Costumer Service Response Center Western Car Rentals 2259 Weatherford Boulevard Dallas, TX 74091 Dear Mr. Murillo, I am writing this letter to request a refund for $49.43, the price your company charged me when I brought a rental car back on empty. I feel I deserve a refund because when I rented the car, the car they gave me was on empty. On June 23 I rented a car form the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport. The car that they gave me had an empty gas so I had to fill it up with gas as soon as I left the airport. When I returned the car 3 days later I returned it with as empty tank as well. But your attendant in Houston charged me $49.43 to fill the gas tank, even though I explained to her
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Unformatted text preview: that I received the car with an empty gas tank, she kept telling me that it was company policy to charge me to fill it up. My total bill cam e to $426.50, which, you must agree, is a lot of money for a rental period of only three days. I have the signed rental agreement and a receipt showing that I paid the full amount and that included $49.43 for a gas fill-up when I returned the car. Since my company is a new client of yours and I hope to do business with you again in the future I hope that you will respond to this matter quickly. I hope to have the matter solved by November 3, 2010. Sincerely, Casey Powell...
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