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excel chapter 2 - 3d formulas: = 'Youth Center'!B9 +...

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e2A_Ticket_Sales_Casey_Powell Today’s date short cut: ctrl+; F9: Recalculates everything on work book. Right now date and time: =NOW() Looks like this 10/13/2010 17:44 Ctrl And home: takes you to A1 means absolute : $ D $ 15 Need $ to make absolute Alt+: will add everything selected will do the summation may need a few changes to correct mistakes
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Unformatted text preview: 3d formulas: = 'Youth Center'!B9 + 'Senior Center'!B9 + 'Township Office'!B9 Formula View: ctrl ~ e2B_Housing_Projection_Casey_PowellData Percent increase: =(C3-B3)/B3 Projected growth Rate: =B11*(100%+$B$8)...
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