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Name: ______________________ Class Time: _______________ Excel Project 50 points Date Assigned: Wednesday 11/04/10 Date Due: Wednesday 11/18/10 Go online and find a “Balance Sheet” from a company. Criteria for the balance sheet: Must have at least 2 periods of data (or 2 locations of data). Example: 2008, 2009; or January 1, January 15; or Eastern Region, Central Region, Western Region, etc. Must have at least 7 items under assets Create a template for the Assets portion only of this balance sheet looking like the one online altering it slightly so that you will only have one period or location on a sheet and a sub-title indicating that. You must put in formulas where appropriate. From the template, create a workbook putting the data from the periods or
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Unformatted text preview: locations on separate sheets. Have one sheet as your summary sheet. You will calculate the gain/loss from the first period to second period using 3-D cell referencing. Create a cylinder chart using the data from the summary sheets assets. Change the color of the cylinder’s and back wall. The title should have a font size, style, and color change. You will write up a short report (1 page) including some background of the company, what data has been included in the balance sheet, finally what we can gather about the company based on the data in the balance. Order of printouts: 1. Cover page, 2. Report 3. Original Balance Sheet from online 4. Template 5. Worksheets 6. Chart 7. Formula View of Summary sheet. Grading ruberic will follow...
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