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Test 2 - • Service oriented architecture • Transmission...

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Chapters 2,4,5 Chapter 2 Evolution of globalization 1,2,3 o Primary entities of each faze o 10 enablers Off shoring RFID In sourcing Governmental challenges Regulatory challenges Tariffs Embargoes Export regulations Tran boarder data flows Cultural challenges Concept of time 4 business strategies for business info systems Chapter 4 Business intelligence Moore’s law On demand computing Grid computing Dedicated Edge computing App. Service providers
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Unformatted text preview: • Service oriented architecture • Transmission media • Protocols • Digitizing • Bandwidth • 3 components of a network o Servers o Clients o Peers Cable media Wirelss media Inrered line of sight DARpa Chapter 5 Ecommerce 7 types of ecommerce Brick and mortor strategies Click strategies Click and mortor strategies Extranet Intranet E information E integration E transaction E tailing M commerece Push marketing...
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