GLY4241_Project2_S11 - GLY 4241 Project 2 -Spring 2011 Some...

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GLY 4241 Project 2 -Spring 2011 Some students seemed frustrated because Project 1 did not involve the actual preparation of a paper. Project 2 will involve the preparation of a short, three to five page (750-1250 words), paper on one of the topics suggested below. You may use high quality sources from journals, or similar high quality material available on-line, as reference material. All references used in the preparation of your paper must be properly cited, both internally within the paper, and in the reference list at the end of the paper. Please remember that FAU has an Academic Integrity policy. Plagiarism is a form of cheating, and is a violation of the Academic Integrity policy. Excessive use of quotations, while not plagiarism, defeats the purpose of having a student express ideas in their own words. Excessive quotation will result in a lower grade. Plagiarism will result in an F in the course and possible further penalties. Plagiarism can result from “cutting and pasting” of on-line material. ASSIGNMENT: 1. Choose a topic from the list below. Do enough research to prepare a preliminary title, and indicate the geographic area of your selected paper. Submit by e-mail the proposed topic and a short (1 paragraph) description no later than March 24, 2011. Topics will be acknowledged, possibly with suggestions or restrictions, as quickly as possible. In the event two people choose
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GLY4241_Project2_S11 - GLY 4241 Project 2 -Spring 2011 Some...

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