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1 LAB 1 GIS 4037c Digital Image Analysis Dr. Charles Roberts Viewing a Histogram in Imagine This tutorial will show you how to obtain statistical information about the reflectance characteristics of your data set. In particular, it will give you both a graphic and numeric view of the dataset. It can be printed out and analyzed better than the onscreen views of the histogram. First, copy the PA folder from R:\GIS 4037c Digital Image Analysis\DIASpring2011\DIAData\MSS\PA to your X: drive . Set your Session Preferences so your Default Data Directory and Default Output Directory are set to your X: drive folder. Then open the image file in the PA folder into Viewer #1 . This one is an MSS scene of central Pennsylvania. To analyze the spectral characteristics of the dataset, we want to create, view and print out some statistics on the raw data. To do this, select Utility >Layer Info . This will open the LayerInfo window. Notice that it gives you information on one layer or band at a time, regardless of what is displayed on the screen. You are looking at statistical information on the raw data, stored in the original file. Band 1 is being examined, but this can be changed to any band in the dataset. NLAPS is an older EROS data center file format.
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2 There are several tabs that you can select. Currently (screen capture to the left), we are looking at General information about the dataset: There are four layers. The size of the image is 3675 (pixels)
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diaLab1HistogramTutorial110107%281%29 - GIS 4037c Digital...

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