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1 GIS 4037C and 5033C: Digital Image Analysis Spring 2011 25 Points Lab 2 - Coastal Mapping Copy Data Using ArcCatalog Copy the files from the R:\GIS4037cDigitalImageAnalysis\DIASpring2011\DIALabExercises\Lab2CoastalMapping\ Layers Follow the instructions in the Coastal Mapping Tutorial using Photoshop to create shapefiles of the reefs for each of the two images: central_subset.tif and south04.tif. Take a screen capture of each image and post it to a MSWord document. To take a screen capture of an active window, click on Ctrl+Alt+Prnt Scrn. Then, in the MSWord document, click on Ctrl+V to paste the image. In your MSWord document, label the name of the image above each screen capture. Save your MSWord document to your X drive. Then, save the MSWord document as your final PDF. Name your files in the following naming convention: lab2CoastalReef_(LastNameFirstName)YYMMDD. For example , my file names would be: lab2CoastalReef_DeStoppelaireGeorgia110113.doc
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Unformatted text preview: and lab2CoastalReef_DeStoppelaireGeorgia110113.pdf Notice we are not using the ISO standard for date. We are using a shortened version of the international standard for date, specifically a two digit year. You will find that when you work on projects or for employers they may not adhere to ISO standards as of yet; and, therefore you would need to follow the naming convention that they use. So, for this lab, we are using a different naming convention than Lab 1 in order for you to become accustomed to following different procedures for various projects. This will help to prepare you for the workplace. Submit through Blackboard via the Lab Assignment for Lab 2 Coastal Mapping the final PDF file and the pathway to your original work files on your X: drive folder noted in the comments field. When your grade appears on BB, delete the files from your X drive....
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