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1 Digital Image Analysis Name:______________________ ___/25 Points Lab 5 - Image Ratioing Image Ratioing is a way of mapping land covers and other surfaces that have a high reflectance in one band and low reflectance in another band. It is a method of removing the reflective properties of the atmosphere (scattering and absorption) and topography (shadowing, different sun angles etc.) to make analysis and interpretation easier. You will submit a ratioed, density-sliced image of St. Vincent Island along with answers to the questions found on the following pages of the lab instruction. The path to the data is: R:\GIS 4037c Digital Image Analysis\DIASpring2011\DIALabExercises\Lab5ImageRatioing\Data Lab 5 Assignment Instructions: Follow the Lab 5 Image Ratioing PowerPoint tutorial to complete the lab. After you have color ramped the image, and density sliced the clouds, save the file as ndvi.img and take a screen capture of it. Paste your screen capture to a MSWord document. Label above your screen capture a title that describes what you have pasted (i.e., your final image analysis). Then copy and paste the questions on these lab instructions to the same MSWord
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diaLab5ImageRatioingInstrQuestions110212 - Digital Image...

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