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Geo 4037C and 5033C Digital Image Analysis Dr. Charles Roberts Lab 6A (Part 1) Background Information for Lab Parts 1 and 2 Lab 6 consists of two parts. Both parts of this lab will involve preparing images to be used in later labs where a series of classifications will be performed. Part 1 will involve creating a subset from a large Landsat image. The area that you subset out of the image will serve as your study area for three future labs, where you will use digital image analysis to classify the landcovers on the image and an accuracy assessment lab where you will calculate the accuracy level of your classification. Part 2 will involve registering your subsetted image to a higher resolution DOQQ image. The DOQQ image will be used to perform the accuracy assessment. There are a variety of ways to cut a smaller piece of an image out of a larger one. Today, you will learn one simple way of doing this. T he image file you will work with is a September 2002 image that we acquired from the EROS Data Center. It is actually three Landsat scenes that were purchased at one time and created for us as a seamless data set. You will subset a study area from this image for your own work in the second half of this course. Your study area should have a good amount of both urban and natural vegetation in it.
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