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1 GIS 4037c Digital Image Analysis Dr. Charles Roberts Lab 6B Image Subsetting and Rectification (Part 2) Image to Image Registration The goal here is to conduct image to image registration to register your DOQQ to the Thematic Mapper image of your area so that you can use the DOQQ as an aid in your later accuracy assessment. You will submit screen captures of your rectified DOQQ and your raw data image to be compared for your lab assignment. Step 1. Open the Thematic Mapper Subset image of your area. Step 2. Open the DOQQ of your study area in a second viewer. Step 3. Click the DATA PREP button on the main Imagine menu. Step 4. Select IMAGE GEOMETRIC CORRECTION . The Set Geo Correction Input File dialog opens.
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2 Step 5. Select VIEWER to select geo correction input file. Step 6. When the Viewer Selection Instructions come up, select the viewer with the DOQQ by clicking inside the Viewer . This will make the DOQQ the file that is corrected to your Thematic Mapper file. Step 7. The Set Geometric Model dialog comes up. Choose the Polynomial geometric correction model and click OK . Step 8. The Polynomial Model Properties window opens and the Geo Correction Tools dialog opens. In the Geo Correction Tools window, click the GCP Editor . Step 9. When the GCP Tools Reference window comes up, ensure the button next to Existing Viewer is checked in the Collection of GCP Points From dialog and click OK . The Viewer Selection Instructions window opens again.
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diaLab6BImageSubsettingAndRectification110314 - GIS 4037c...

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