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FINS 5514 CAPITAL BUDGETING AND FINANCIAL DECISIONS FINAL EXAMINATION Coverage: Weeks 1 to 12 Duration: 2 hours PART A – 4 questions (40 marks) Short answer theory questions. 4 X 10 marks PART B - 4 questions (60 marks) Numerical questions 1 X 10 marks, 1 x 20 marks, 2 x 15 marks ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS TOTAL MARKS – 100 YOU NEED TO BRING A SCIENTIFIC NON PROGRAMABLE CALCULATOR TO THE EXAM
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Unformatted text preview: Sample short answer question The empirical evidence on capital structure suggests that large profitable companies have low debt ratios. a) Is this evidence consistent with the static theory of capital structure? Provide reasons for your answer b) Is this evidence consistent with any other theory of capital structure? Provide reasons for your answer...
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