ch10[1] - CHAPTER 10 1. 1. ANSWERS TO QUEST IONS 1. The...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 10 1. 1. ANSWERS TO QUEST IONS 1. The major characteristics of plant assets are (1) that they are acquired for use in operations and not for resale, (2) that they are long-term in nature and usually subject to depreciation, and (3) that they have physical substance. 3. (a) The acquisition costs of land may include the purchase or contract price, the broker’s commission, title search and recording fees, assumed taxes or other liabilities, and surveying, demolition (less salvage), and landscaping costs. (b) Machinery and equipment costs may properly include freight and handling, taxes on purchase, insurance in transit, installation, and expenses of testing and breaking-in. (c)If a building is purchased, all repair charges, alterations, and improvements necessary to ready the building for its intended use should be included as a part of the acquisition cost. Building costs in addition to the amount paid to a contractor may include excavation, permits and licenses, architect’s fees, interest accrued on funds obtained for construction purposes (during construction period only) called avoidable interest, insurance premiums applicable to the construction period, temporary buildings and structures, and property taxes levied on the building during the construction period. 6. (a) Disagree. Organization and promotion expenses should be expensed. (b) Agree. Architect’s fees for plans actually used in construction of the building should be charged to the building account as part of the cost. (c) Agree. GAAP recommends that avoidable interest or actual interest cost, whichever is lower, be capitalized as part of the cost of acquiring an asset if a significant period of time is required to bring the asset to a condition or location necessary for its intended use. Interest costs are capitalized starting with the first expenditure related to the asset and capitalization would continue until the asset is substantially completed and ready for its intended use. Property taxes during construction should also be charged to the building account. (d) Disagree. Interest revenue is not considered part of the acquisition cost of the building. 7. Since the land for the plant site will be used in the operations of the firm, it is classified as property, plant, and equipment. The other tract is being held for speculation. It is classified as an investment. 9. Assets that do not qualify for interest capitalization are (1) assets that are in use or ready for their intended use, and (2) assets that are not being used in the earnings activities of the firm. 10. The avoidable interest is determined by multiplying (an) interest rate(s) by the weighted-average amount of accumulated expenditures on qualifying assets. For the portion of weighted-average accumulated expenditures which is less than or equal to any amounts borrowed specifically to finance construction of the assets, the capitalization rate is the specific interest rate incurred. For the portion of weighted-average accumulated expenditures which is greater than specific debt...
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ch10[1] - CHAPTER 10 1. 1. ANSWERS TO QUEST IONS 1. The...

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