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Kanbar 1 Khalil Kanbar Professor Engler EnglishWR 300 2-11-11 Just Dance Some days you come up with a perfect idea with your friends and all goes well, then it seems like those plans gradually and slowly fall apart in front of your eyes and you think to yourself, “what ought I to do?” Back in high school I had this situation and eventually, with the help of friends, it worked out to me and my team’s advantage and became our highlighted day by being recognized throughout the entire year. It all began in room 22, while sitting in Mrs. Oswald’s Physiology class watching a movie on how x-rays became famous. With my eyes slowly drifting away from the projector, I turned and dozed off into the shiny yellow curtains that were slowly darkening as the clouds went past the sun. From the corner of the room I hear a slight whisper of my name, not recognizing it I thought to myself, “man I need to stop dozing off!” A few seconds later I feel a slight bump to the back of my head and I quickly look back to see who was demolishing my day dreams. Kevin, with his glasses a bit tilted to the side, waved at me to sit next to him. I stood up from my seat giving my butt a break from sitting on those small tiny desks all period and sat next to him on the black tables. “I heard you were going to remake the break dance team this year Khalil.” He said with a surprised look.
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“Yeah man, we need to step it up from last year so Leo and Myron wanted me to be captain and make up some practices” I said, still looking at the curtains shadows. We started to talk about how the club should be ran, and I decided to make him in charge of planning practices, gigs, and anything else we needed to do so we can recruit new people into the newly made club. As we were snickering to each other, the teacher gave us a glance and made us both step outside to not disturb anyone. With a relieved feeling we stepped out and sat on the blue bleachers and let the breeze shoot through us with fulfillment. I brought up the idea that Jenny, the president of the Student Government Club, wanted to see the EC BBoys up and ready for the next rally so we can make a surprise performance. He grinned and then looked at me with excitement that we can actually bring the club back from the dead. The next thought that came to us was how were we going to get our entire club back with half of our old group were still playing fall sports and had no way out of practices. Kevin looked up at me and said “leave it to me bro!” Without a doubt I knew he could get them back to us and we would practice in no time, so we walked back into class to once again, daze off at the curtains. After the class was over, we stepped out and went into the musty hall ways. Banners peeling themselves off the wall, papers blowing down the cross ways, and students packing up their lockers to leave; we headed off to Senior Atkinson’s room to find us a place to practice. “Hola! Como estas? “ He announced, while I looked at him puzzled still trying to figure
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auto biography - K anbar 1 Khalil Kanbar Professor Engler...

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