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Primate Observation Sheet1 - Major locomotor pattern Even...

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Primate Observation Sheet Zoo Visited: Sacramento Zoo Date: March 28, 2011 Common Name: Sumatran Orangutan Scientific Name: Pongo pygmaus abelii Cage Census 1. Number of animals: Three 4. Number of juveniles: One 2. Number of adults: Two 5. Number of infants: Zero 3. Sex of adults: Two female, One male Describe degree of sexual dimorphism: At the zoo, the three Orangutans did not have much sexual dimorphism. But usually in the wild when the male is sexually active he will have a cheeky pouch which the female won’t have. The females will also be smaller in size by at least half the weight. Physical Characteristics: The Orangutans had short legs and longer arms. There coat was a nice orange-brown color and long. They looked pretty small in weight, but in the wild 100-200 pounds in males 30- 50 in females and stand about 4-5 feet in height in males and 3-4 feet in females.
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Unformatted text preview: Major locomotor pattern: Even though the ones at the zoo spent most of the time sitting on the ground, they are quadrupeds. Display Behavior: At the zoo they sat on the ground eating some type of fruit. Presenting: No presenting was done, but in Orangutans the female orangutan hangs from a branch above the male and shows her perineum to the male. What happens when food is introduced by the zoo keepers? No food was introduced. Comments: They looked some what bored and irritated in the cages since they were being stared at constantly by yelling kids and non-stop photo taking. Also they stayed pretty far apart and didn’t really communicate with each other like if they were in the wild....
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Primate Observation Sheet1 - Major locomotor pattern Even...

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