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Econ3020 - Online - Syllabus - 2011 - ECON-3020 Online...

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1 ECON-3020 Online Managerial Economics Hawaii Pacific University INSTRUCTOR: Jon Yalimaiwai , Bachelor of Engineering (Mech.), MBA, MS. Jon has professional background in Mechanical Engineering, Human Resource Development, Research, and New Business Development. Since 1998, he has also taught the following classes for HPU: Microeconomics, International Economics, Managerial Economics, Business Research Methods, Principles of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, and Business Finance. COURSE TEXTBOOK: Managerial Economics: Theory, Applications, and Cases, Seventh Edition , by W. Bruce Allen, Neil A. Doherty, Keith Weigelt and Edwin Mansfield. All textbook information (pricing, ISBN #, ebooks) for this course can be found on the HPU Bookstore website: If you have any questions regarding textbooks, please contact the HPU Bookstore at: Phone: 808-544-9347 Or email : or MEETING TIMES: Online. INSTRUCTOR’S CONTACT INFORMATION: E-mail: Use the WebCT Mail tool for correspondence. In case WebCT is down, use the alternative e-mail account . Phone: (808)694-8742 Office Hours (Mon-Fri: 8am – 5pm Hawaiian Time) COURSE DESCRIPTION: ECON 3020 Managerial Economics. The application of economic theory to managerial practices including both public and private sector management. Various topics revolve around the nature of market structures and the business environment including: barriers to entry, product differentiation, and exclusivity. Topics include: supply and demand analysis, profit maximization in varying market structures, and the role of competition. This course draws on economic analysis for such concepts as cost, demand, profit, competition, pricing, entry strategy, and market protection strategy. I t at t em pt s t o bridge the gap between the purely analytical problems that intrigue many economic theorists and the day-to day decisions that managers make.
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2 Prerequisite: ECON 2010, ECON 2015, MATH 1123, and MATH 3326; or their equivalents. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: By the end of the course, students will 1. Apply optimization techniques in the solution of managerial problems in business. 2. Assess the importance of being able to estimate demand, production and cost functions and make business forecasts. 3. Analyze different market structures and assess the impact of competitive strategies in imperfectly competitive markets, with applications to pricing policies. 4. Evaluate the importance of risk analysis in business decision-making, with applications to investment appraisal. HPU FIVE THEMES: HPU undergraduate integrated approach to learning is designed to introduce the student to broad perspectives in various academic fields, develop the students’ critical thinking skills, and enhance their intellectual curiosity. The five themes include Communication Skills, issues of a Global System, understanding of World Cultures, ethical and moral decision relating Values and Choices, and
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Econ3020 - Online - Syllabus - 2011 - ECON-3020 Online...

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