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Sheet1 Page 1 Advanced Placement English Open-Essay Questions 1971 The significance of a title such as *The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn* is easy to discover. However, in other works the full significance of the title becomes apparent to the reader only gradually. Choose two works and show how the significance of their respective titles is developed through the author's use of devices such as contrast, repetition, allusion, and point of view. 1972 In retrospect the reader often discovers that the first chapter of a novel or the opening scene of a drama introduces some of the major themes of the work. Write an essay about the opening scene of a drama or the first chapter of a novel in which you explain how it functions in this way. In your essay do not merely summarize the plot of the work you are discussing. 1973 An effective literary work does not merely stop or cease In the view of some critics, a work that does not provide the pleasure of significant closure has terminated with an artistic fault. A satisfactory ending is not, however, always conclusive in every sense significant closure may require to the reader to abide with or adjust to ambiguity and uncertainty. In an essay discuss the end of a novel or play of acknowledged literary merit. Explain precisely how and why the ending appropriately or inappropriately concludes the work. Do not merely summarize the plot. 1974Choose a work of literature written before 1900. Write an essay in which you present arguments for and against the work's relevance for person in 1997Your own position should emerge in the course of the essay. You may refer to works of literature written after 1900 for the purpose of contrast or comparison. 1975 - A Although literary critics have tended to praise the unique in literary characterization, many authors have employed the stereotyped character successfully. Select a work of acknowledged literary merit and, in a well-written essay, show how the conventional or stereotyped character or characters function to achieve the author's purpose. 1975 - B Unlike the novelist, the writer of a play does not use his own voice and only rarely uses a narrator's voice to guide the audience's responses to character and action. Select a play you have read and write an essay in which you explain the techniques the playwright uses to guide his audience's respnses to the central characters and the action. You might consider the effect on the audience of things like setting, the use of comparable and contrasting characters, and the characters' responses to each other. Support your argument with specific references to the play. Do not give a plot summary. 1976The conflict created when the will of an individual opposes the will of
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Sheet1 Page 2 the majority is the recurring theme of many novels, plays, and essays. Select the work of an essayist who is in opposition to his or her society
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ap essay prompts - Advanced Placement English Open-Essay...

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