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Character Analysis Writing Prompts TOPIC 1: Not all minor/supporting characters play an integral role in a story; however, sometimes a minor character is so important to the novel/book that the theme, plot, protagonist, etc., would be greatly changed if that character did not exist. In the work that you read, analyze a minor character who plays a significant role. Write a well-developed essay in which you analyze the character and explain why he/she is a significant character in the work. Be sure to use specific examples and/or quotes to support your claims. TOPIC 2: A dynamic character is one who changes/grows emotionally or psychologically from the beginning of the novel until the end.
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Unformatted text preview: Many novels have multiple dynamic characters. Choose one character from the work that you read and write a well-developed essay in which you prove that he/she is a dynamic character. Be sure to use specific examples and/or quotes to support your claims. TOPIC 3: Often a character reflects the culture of the country in which he lives, that is, he/she exemplifies the skills, arts, values, beliefs, and ideals that of a certain people or country . From the work you read, choose a character who embodies the culture of the people he represents. In a well-developed essay, define the culture of one character and show how that character illustrates that culture....
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