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NAME : ____________________________________ CLASS PERIOD : _________ DATE : ____________ Total Points _______ / 100 COMMENTS: CATEGORY 10 8 7 5 Introduction and Thesis Topic is introduced smoothly and in an interesting fashion Thesis is clear and easily identifiable. Topic is introduced less smoothly but somewhat interesting. Thesis is choppy or somewhat simplistic. Topic is weakly introduced and lacks any smooth flow. Thesis is unclear or overly simplistic. Topic is unclear or not adequately introduced. Thesis is confusing or non-existent. _____/ 10 x 1 = ______ Format and Organization of Statements Smooth flowing information is organized with well-constructed paragraph(s) and transitions. All sentences are complete. Information is organized with well-constructed paragraph(s) and transitions. A few sentences are fragments or run-ons. Information is organized but paragraph(s) is/are poorly constructed or lack transitions. Some sentences are
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