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FDNS 2100 Lee Human Nutrition and Food Exam next Wednesday (4/3)! Exam next Wednesday (4/3)! Diet and Health II Types of disease Infectious diseases Degenerative diseases 4. Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) 1) CVD 2) 2) ~80 million people in US suffer some form of CVD (about 1 million yearly deaths) 3) CVD #1 cause of death in developed nations 4) Most result from heart attacks and strokes 5) 5) Both men and women are at risk: Men experience more attacks More women are likely to die of heart attacks (2) Atherosclerosis 1) Atherosclerosis is the most common form of CVD 2) Characterized by plaques along inner walls of arteries Accumulation of soft, fatty streaks on inner artery walls (slowly stops oxygen) Fatty streaks enlarge & harden to fibrous plaques which make arteries Inelastic (hardened) and Narrow (3) What causes plaques? 2) Other factors: High LDL Hypertension Toxins from cigarette smoking Viral and bacterial infections 3) Once formed plaques can cause many diseases Narrow & inelastic artery raises blood pressure Increased pressure weaken artery may balloon out (aneurysm) can burst Arterial damage and plaques favor blood clots 4) Clots can cause blockage of blood to tissue causing sudden death of that tissue Clot in part of heart muscle
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Diet%20and%20Health%20II%20102908 - FDNS 2100 Human...

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