Healthy weight bad diets 3-9-11

Healthy weight bad diets 3-9-11 - FDNS 2100 Human Nutrition...

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FDNS 2100 Lee Human Nutrition and Food Healthy Weight/Fad Diets I -Obesity trends among U.S. adults (1990, 1998, 2007) -BMI across different age groups -obesity prevention and treatment are national public health priorities -Georgia billboard campaign-helpful or hurtful? -worried the images may hurt the children’s feelings 1. How Fat is Too Fat for Health? (1) Body Mass Index (BMI) a. BMI describes relative weight for height - Weight (kg) / height (m) 2 - Weight (lb) X 703 / height (inch) 2 BMI Calculator: 2) 3) Used to evaluate health risks associated with underweight or overweight 4) BMI values not very useful for evaluating non-obese people’s fatness -how much of a person’s weight is fat -where the fat is located Athletes Adults over 65 (2) Waist Circumference a. Reflects the degree of visceral fatness in proportion to body fatness b. Distinguishes different form of adiposity - Central Obesity : large deposits of visceral fat, causing a “beer belly” - risk of diabetes, stroke, hypertension, coronary artery disease (3) Body Composition -women have more fat a. Proportion of muscle, bone, fat b. Measured by - Anthropometry : Fat fold tests, Waist circumference - Density : Underwater weighing - Conductivity : Bioelectrical impedance - Radiographic techniques : DEXA 3) Ideal Body Fat? - Varies with gender, age, lifestyle - Percent body fat Man of normal weight: 12% -20 % o Overfat: greater than 22%; 25% if over 40 years Updated on 010711 1
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FDNS 2100 Lee Human Nutrition and Food Female of normal weight: 20 % - 30% o Overfat greater than 32%; 35% if over 40 years Disease Risks According to BMI and Waist Circumference 2. Weight and Health Risks (1)What Are the Risks from Underweight? a. Risk of dying b. risk when fighting a wasting disease c. Underweight people should gain body fat as an energy reserve & to acquire reserves of nutrients (2) What Are the Risks from Overweight/Obesity? a.
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Healthy weight bad diets 3-9-11 - FDNS 2100 Human Nutrition...

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