Ch.7 questions - Spring 11 Chapter 7 Political Speech...

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Spring ‘11 Chapter 7 Political Speech Optional logs will be due Friday, March 25. First we look at the corporate rights to speak in referenda (Bellotti v. First National Bank of Boston), freedom from compelled speech (Pacific Gass and Electric v. Public Utilities Comm.), and restrictions on corporations and unions in elections (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission). Citizens United, decided by the Supreme Court in 2010, permits corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts to buy advertising to support candidates in an election. Corporations are still prohibited from contributing directly to a candidate. Important concepts include “contributions” and “expenditures.” You should be familiar with contribution limits imposed on corporations, political action committees, individuals and independent 527 organizations. Note, too, the importance of disclosing who is contributing to and spending money on behalf of candidates. It is not necessary to read the last section on lobbying. After campaign financing, we will read about section 315—the “equal time” rule of the Federal Communications Act. Power Points for both sections are posted. The first Power Point dealing with campaign financing contains a graphic illustrating the flow of money. Optional Questions: 1. What is the difference between an election and a referendum? An election is voting for a candidate, while a referendum is voting for a specific issue. Speech about a tax referendum is constitutionally protected political speech. 2. What’s the general constitutional rule about compelling citizens,
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Ch.7 questions - Spring 11 Chapter 7 Political Speech...

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