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Brief - Brief Sewell v Trib Publishing Co Facts In April...

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Brief Sewell v. Trib Publishing Co. Facts: In April 2003 Andrew Bilinglesly, a student enrolled in Sewell’s American government political science class, Cindy Morley is a reporter for two news publications in Fayette County, the Fayette Daily News (FDN) and Today in Peachtree City (TPC). On approximately April 1, Billingsley contacted Morley with complaints about classroom statements by Sewell regarding the conduct of war in Iraq from the Bush administration, along with Sewell’s denial of Billingsley expression of opposing opinions. These complaints led to an article published on April 3 by the FDN written by Morley and headlined, " 'American troops murdered people . ..' Fayette student at West Georgia walks out of class after political science professor Said Sewell makes anti-American statements." On April 10, Morley wrote another article published in the TPC, summarizing the contents of the earlier article and quoting Billingsley as having said that Sewell had recanted his position on American troops and had acknowledged the
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