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Abstract_Title - computer program gets instructions from...

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Binh-Nguyen Truong, Communications and Networks Lab., IT Convergence Engineering Dep., POSTECH Title Automatically Control Brightness of Smart Home with New Wireless Lighting System Truong Binh Nguyen and Chansu Yu Department of IT Convergence Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology, San 31, Hyoja-Dong, Pohang, Kyungpook 790-784, Republic of Korea Abstract This paper presents a new lighting system for a Smart Home which is controlled wirelessly and can automatically operate without any interaction from users. Sensor nodes sense the illuminance and send the information to the Base Station (BS) periodically. The BS ,as a relay device, sends the data to a
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Unformatted text preview: computer program, gets instructions from the program and sends these instructions to a lighting device to adjust the brightness of the Smart Home. The system operates the brightness of a room properly and works without any errors for both manual and automatically modes. The proposed mechanism is the first lighting system using wireless network and automatically operating to contribute to Smart Home Projects. Keywords: Automatic, Manual, Sensor Node, Base Station, Tachyon, Lighting Device, Illuminance, Zigbee, serial connection...
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