Exam1-2009 - Name _ 1. (18 pts) Draw the...

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1. (18 pts) Draw the correct structure corresponding to each of the following names or descriptions. Name ______________________________ a. o -Chloroacetophenone b. 3-Trifluoromethylbenzyl chloride c. Phenoxybenzene -1- d. An aromatic molecule of molecular formula C 4 H 4 N 2 . f. The structure of the Grignard reagent obtained from reaction of 3-bromo-1- butene with magnesium metal in diethyl ether. e. An aromatic molecule containing only carbon and hydrogen with 4n + 2 π electrons where n = 1. O Cl CH 2 Cl CF 3 O N N N N N N or or or or MgBr MgBr
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2. (6 pts) The aroma of the tropical grass Vetiver is due to terpenes produced by bacteria. Two of the terpenes are β -bourbonene and δ -cadinene. Identify the isoprene units by numbering the carbons (1-4, 1'- 4', and 1"-4") in each. Name ______________________________ -2- δ -cadinene β -bourbonene 3. (8 pts) Complete the following reaction mechanism by filling in the missing structures. Use curved arrow notation for all steps, including the initial step in which HSO 3 + reacts with fluorobenzene. F
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Exam1-2009 - Name _ 1. (18 pts) Draw the...

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