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Unformatted text preview: < Yuur iucatiun: Assessments > View A“ Submissions >ViewAttempt View Attempt 1 of 5 Titie: C4HW1 Started: September 24, Zulu 12:5e PM Submitted: September 24, 2010 2:12 PM -u5 Time spent: 0 - “mil SCW‘E: 11/12 : 91.6667% Total Score adjueted by 0.0 Maximum puEEibie Scare: 12 Done 1. which of the quuwirig equeuus solutions has the highest tatai curiceritretluri etH" iuris? student Response Correct Answer A 55 5 M H20 5 u 25 M HCI & Ci 1 u M CH4 D 1 2 M NaOH E u 2n M NEH Scare: 0/1 2. How many aiurriinurn iuns are present in the rciicWing aqueuus scluticn? 345 mL of a suiutiun containing 4 22 gfL aiurriinurn suirate student Response Correct Answer 2 55 x 1021 i 4 25 x 10'3 i 512 x 1021 M i 256 x 1018 512 x 1016 Scare: 1/1 3. Caicuiate the rnuiarity arsuitate in a saiutiun that is both 0135 M “32504 and 50550 M A12‘504’3 student Response Correct Answer A 0307 Hi mm c u 354 E Di 0242 E M14 Scare: 1/1 4. A sciutian has a 47 g crsudium carbonate in u 325 L what is its sudiurri inn cuncentraticn in moi/t? Be not enter units with ycur answer student Response Correct Answer Answer: 372 u 372 Score: 1/1 5. Barium hydrnxide is a strung eiectrciyte which at these uehaves as a arensted/Lewry base when Barium hydrnxide is dissolved in water? student Response Correct Answer A 532+ a B OH' a C H20 D Ea(OH)2 5‘ H304 Scare: 1/1 5. Calcuiate the Vu‘urrie, iri rrHHIIiterE. of 0.600 M HC‘ required to titrete 250 mL 0350 M KOH. student Response Correct Answer 0 i 93 e 5 25 15.5 14.6 m 42.9 mpnmp Scare: 1/1 10. 11. 12. which of the quuwmg \s a spectatur inn m the reactiun between NaOH and HCI? student Response N e+ OH’ K+ H+ 1-120 01.59.“? correct Answer a Scare: 1/1 which answer came represent 0,1 M summons er the cnmpnuhds ersselved in beakers A ahd a m that nrder? Nate: en runs are represented as spheres. student Response V Ce(NO3)2 and K2504 . pbcnz and K1504 A E c. Agd and Beam): D. AgNo3 and Been2 E , can/03): and BERN-()1 Correct Answer Scare: 1/1 Cure the axldetlnn number of brnmlrle m the fal‘nwmg: (I) KEr (ir) hart)3 (m) an:3 Student Response (I) -1 (n) +3 (m) -3 (I) +1 (u) +3 (m) +3 (I) s1(rr)+s(ru)s3 (I) s1(rr)+s(ru)+3 Nune er these WPOS“? Correct Answer Scare: 1/1 In the ha‘f reactwan 25032' + ZHZD + Ze' :> 4OH' + 52042' the su‘fur Student Response I5 axrdrzed WP??? I5 reduced Is the exrerzrng egent Is ersprueertrenetee dues net undergo a redux preeess Correct Answer Scare: 1/1 What Is the cuneehtretmn at Ch‘UHdE nun m 229 mL so‘utluh 1f the edd‘tluh of excess sflver hltrete prempltetes 8.07 g sllver ch‘uflde? Student Response A. 0.33 5. 0.00025 (2. 0.99 D. 0.49 E. 0.25 Correct Answer Scare: 1/1 whet are the enerfierents m frent of {22/440 and H20 when the equation given be‘nw rs be‘enced m ecrdi: equenus snlutmh? Equatmn: CZHED + 050,? + H" :> CZHAO + H20 + Cr3+ Student Response A. 1, 7 a. 3, 1 c. 2, 3 a D. 3, 7 E. Nune Bf these Correct Answer ...
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C4HW1 1st - < Yuur iucatiun Assessments> View A“...

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