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C56HW1 3rd - flew Attempt 3 of 5 Tlfle CSEHW Stalled...

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Unformatted text preview: flew Attempt 3 of 5 Tlfle: CSEHW Stalled: Dclobel 10, 2010 11:27 PM SI‘JIIitted: Dclobel 10, 2010 11:57 PM Tlne spent: 00:30:05 Total SOME: 9112 : 75% : Total score adjusted by 0.0 Maxim possiile scale: 12 1. he graph below fllowf‘. the tislIIJuIian of malecllal speeds of argon and hes... at the same temperatue. Match lile cave wifll “is gas behavial desclbed. a. Olive 1 Ir. Olive 2 lhebehavialofalgan (typea olb) g l g . fi. Masai-wand l. a Equab a (100%) Scale: 1]] 2. The ki'lelicallalecllal lheoly plovides a model fal gases at lhe nlicloscopic level lilal explails lhe physical plapellies a lhe maclaacopic level. B A. True a B. Fake Scale: 111 3. At lhe same tenlpelatue “IE late of efilsian of neon atoms wi Ile apploxillately lines lilat of alsi'le gas lllaleclles, AsHS. a A. 2.0 I B. 4.0 C. 10.0 D. 39.0 E. 78.0 Scale: 111 1. At a pallicllal plewle and telllpelatlle, it takes 4.55 mil fol a 1.5-L sample ofHe to affine Wong] a polar: lllellllllane. How long does it take fol 1.5 L at F2 to affine Lndel lile same candlialls? B A. 14.0 mit I H. 3.081 nil C. 0.324 nil D. 1.40 Hi1 E. "one of fliese i; wililil 5% of llle collect answel. Scale: 111 5. An ll'lknawn gas Q leqlies 2.95 tines as long to effuse Il'ldel lhe same condlions as line same amount ofnillagen gas. What is lile nlalal mass (g/nlal) on? Do not type lhe lIlilzs Answer: 121.9 244 Scale: 0/] 6. Molectlal size it real gases causes posilive deviatims lie... the Pv/lzT lalia of an ideal gas. A. Tlue E B a. Fake Scale: 0/1 Complete combustion of 1.0 tltehic ton of coal (asst-ting it to be plle carbon) to gaseous carbon doxide leleases 3.3 x 1010 J of heat. Convelt this enelgy to | B A- 3.3 x 107 In H B- 3.3 x 1013 to C- 3.3 x 105 k] D- 3.3 x 1012 to E. "one of these is witiit 5% of the collect answel fl“ ole: 1/1 Wltat i; tlte change it ittemal enelgy (it 1) ofa system that leleaset; 675 J of fltemtal eltelqy to its MM and has 525 cal of work dolte on it? A. —150 J B B- 1.52 x 103 J a C- 72.07 x 103 J D- 3.64 x 102 J E- 73.64 x 102 J Scole: 1/1 A 200 9 aluminum engine pant at an initial tennnperatnie of 373°C absnlbs 1,365 J of heat. what is the linal tennnperatnie of the part (cc)? (6 ofAl : 0.900 J/g-K)? Answer: 45.2 4-5.2 h" ole: 1/1 E E a i E- i A. file tentpelattle of the stnotl'ttitgs decleases. B. The enthaby change fol the leaclion is positive. C. Heat flows [mm the Slllml’lci’lgs itto the system. B D. The ploducts have a lowel enthaby than the leactanls. a E. AI of these ale true. Scole: 1/1 11. A 30.579 sample of an aloy at 93.0”C E placed itto 50.0 g oi watel at 22.0°C it an itstlated coffee ct.) witlt a heat capacity of 9.2 JIK. If the fltal tempelatlle of the system B 31.1”(3, what E the specific heat capacity of the aloy? A. 0.53 J/g-“C B. 6.1 Jig-“C c. 3.0 Jig-“C a D. 1.1 Jig-“C ! E. None of these '5 wifltit 5% of the collect altswel Scale: 1/1 12. Even a 100 9 sample of each of the inlawitg iqtjch at 25'c, which wotld have the highest tennnpenatnie aftel a 1.00 g oi ion (sp heat : 0.449 1 8’1 'C’l) at 50°C was added? B A. watel (Sp heat = 4.184 J 5’1 “01) B. ethanol (sp heat : 2.46 J 3-1 'c-I) C- melctIy (5p heat : 0.139] 3’1 'C’l) a D- methanol (sp heat = 1.51 J 5’1 'C’l) E- ethylene glycol (sp heat : 2.35 1 3-1 'C'l) a" E 0/1 ...
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