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Unformatted text preview: The Enlightenment And to edit Master in the ClickEnglish society subtitle style eighteenth century 3/31/11 The ‘Glorious Revolution’ • Stuart monarchs: – James I , d. 1603 Charles I, d. 1625 – CIVIL WAR and Commonwealth (Cromwell) until 1649 – Charles II, d. 1660 James II, d. 1685 – • Hanoverians: The Glorious Revolution Parliament chose new monarchs: 3/31/11 William and Mary – William (III) and Mary (II), reigned 16891702 3/31/11 Anne, reigned 17021714 last Stuart monarch •Died without children •Throne inherited by her second cousin • 3/31/11 George II, reigned 1727-1760 George I, reigned 1714-1727 George III, reigned 17601820 3/31/11 George IV, reigned 1820-1830 Enlightenment Ideals • Reason main principle of human endeavor Science as solver of problems Emotion often seen as negative Criticism of human nature, mixed with hope for better Employment of satire 3/31/11 • • • • Joseph Wright of Derby, “Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump,” 1768 3/31/11 Map of England and Ireland (19th century) 3/31/11 Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) Born in Ireland •Literary and political career •Wrote prose and poetry •Eminent satirist • Gulliver’s Travels • A Modest Proposal •Ended career as clergyman • (Dean of St. Patrick’s, Dublin) • 3/31/11 Stella's Birthday March 13, 1719 Stella this day is thirty-four, (We shan't dispute a year or more:) However, Stella, be not troubled, Although thy size and years are doubled, Since first I saw thee at sixteen, The brightest virgin on the green; So little is thy form declin'd; Made up so largely in thy mind. Oh, would it please the gods to split Thy beauty, size, and years, and wit; No age could furnish out a pair Of nymphs so graceful, wise, and fair; With half the lustre of your eyes, With half your wit, your years, and size. And then, before it grew too late, How should I beg of gentle Fate, (That either nymph might have her swain,) To split my worship too in twain. 3/31/11 Alexander Pope (1688-1744) Born in London •Family Catholic •Had to be educated at home and in secret •Suffered from spinal disease which stunted his growth (4’6”) •Lived in the countryside •Carried on literary correspondence •Brilliant Enlightenment writer and poet • 3/31/11 Hampton Court Palace 3/31/11 17th century style gardens at Hampton Court 3/31/11 Gallery at Hampton Court 3/31/11 Gainsborough, “Mr. and Mrs. William Hallett,” 1785 Gainsborough, “Mrs. Thomas Hibbert” 3/31/11 ...
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