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Hum 202 syllabus W11 - 1 Humanities202Syllabus Winter2011...

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Humanities 202 Syllabus Winter 2011 Dr. Charlotte A. Stanford Office: 3047 JFSB Phone: 422-4604 Office Hours: Thursdays 2-3 or by appointment TA: Sarah Bennion, COURSE OVERVIEW This course is intended to allow students to examine humanistic values, arts and ideas in Western civilization from the Renaissance to the current era by identifying and analyzing works of literature, art and music in their historical context. Students will learn not only what some of the greatest works are , but why they are great, and how they exemplified and challenged the ideas of their time. In order to allow students the best opportunities to consider and reconsider these ideas, both writing and in-class discussion opportunities are essential parts of this course. POLICIES AND REQUIREMENTS Class Attendance and Participation Active class participation is a key factor in learning. Everyone, including the professor, gains a greater interest and appreciation in the works and ideas we study when we share insights and observations with one another. Participation requires a firm commitment from students to contribute to the class. All students should expect to participate verbally from time to time, but participation also involves courteous and attentive behavior. Participation also requires a firm commitment from you to contribute to the class. Good participation begins with regular attendance. Attendance will be taken every day. Students who are present on time when the class roll is called will recieve 2 points. Students who arrive after their name is read from the class roll will recieve 1 point. The four lowest scores of the term will be dropped for attendance. Attendance may not be made up. Student Presentations There will be four presentations during the semester. A missed presentation cannot be made up or given late. Three are group presentations while the fourth is an individual presentations. Details on these assignments are posted separately on Blackboard. Papers There will be two papers for this course. Both of them are critical essays, each a minimum of 1,500 words. They are each due in class on the day assigned. Details on paper assignments are posted separately on Blackboard and will be handed out and discussed in class. 1
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Exams The exams include matching, multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, short answer, and an essay portion. The final exam WILL be comprehensive. A sample exam will be posted on Blackboard to help you prepare and see the exam format in more detail. A study guide, consisting of a list of terms and works you will be asked to identify and define, will be
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Hum 202 syllabus W11 - 1 Humanities202Syllabus Winter2011...

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