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324 exam 1 study guide - RELIGION C 324 BROTHER ESPLIN...

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RELIGION C 324 – BROTHER ESPLIN STUDY GUIDE – EXAM #1 – SECTIONS 1-24 Test information: 53 Questions, 100 points Dates: Monday, February 8 th – Tuesday, February 9 th (NOTE CHANGE FROM SYLLABUS) Late Day: Wednesday, February 10 th ($5.00 late fee assessed) Location: Testing Center Section Titles (7 questions): Know the titles for sections 1-24 from the list at the end of your syllabus (the exam asks for generally the most prominent sections) People (7 questions): Martin Harris Oliver Cowdery Joseph Smith, Sr. Peter Whitmer, Sr. Hyrum Smith David Whitmer Samuel Smith Joseph Knight, Sr. Places (5 questions): Know general events and people from each of the following locations Palmyra, New York Colesville, New York Fayette, New York Harmony, Pennsylvania Doctrines / Church History Details (34 questions – multiple choice / short answer): Historical backgrounds to sections (see back of reading packet or reread institute manual) o D&C is an open book and is the first words of the Lord (it was never translated); the preface was written by God, divided into sections instead of chapters, greatest percentage of the actual words of Christ, no in-text story line – the intent is to speak to this dispensation; almost exclusively the revelations of one individual o Decided to have the book published in 1831. 1833: mobs attacked and stopped the publishing of the Book of Commandments (only 12 copies in existence). 1835: Doctrine and Covenants published made up of Lectures on Faith and revelations received up to that point – the LoF were taken out in 1921 because it wasn’t given to
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324 exam 1 study guide - RELIGION C 324 BROTHER ESPLIN...

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