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332 Final Review Sheet - Public Health Research Know the...

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Public Health Research Know the four sources for health information; know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of source; be able to analyze various public health research situations in regard to what kind of source you would use to find out the needed information o Scientific journal articles A: real, accurate data; unbiased and trustworthy D: too hard to understand; sometimes you have to pay to access them o Health-specific websites A: More understandable, anticipate common questions people have D: may not know they are there in the first place; they are oversimplified misdiagnosis o General websites A: easy to find and navigate; lots of results to choose from D: search results may be very general; results may be sponsored/commercialized o News articles A: very current information; get expert opinions D: may be biased – cater to audience; shock factor - sensationalized Search Engine Optimization Know the five steps to improve “relevancy” factors in search engine optimization o Keywords use terms potential visitors are using (Google Insight checks popularity) o Link building links to other pages ups PageRank o Online Directories submit your URL to online directories o Keeping Content Fresh higher ranking to those that are not outdated o Track Your Progress (Website analytics) see who is visiting and measure traffic overtime The 40th Anniversary of the Internet Be able to match the following key events in the development of the Internet with the year they occurred: beginning of search engine optimization, beginning of peer-to-peer software sharing, launch of Facebook, first internet worm unleashed, email invented o 1972 – Email invented o 1988 – First Internet worm is unleashed by Robert Morris o 1998 – Beginning of search engine optimization? o 1999 – Beginning of peer-to-peer software sharing o 2004 – Launch of Facebook Be familiar with the Pentagon’s balloon challenge we watched videos about in class o Watch the video from PP before taking test Be familiar with who won the Pentagon’s balloon challenge and how they did it o Dr. Crane from MIT o They set up an elaborate information-gathering pyramid, and divvied the money accordingly (40,000 prize, I think) Know why Dr. Crane’s idea worked o The project aligned selfish interests (winning money) with a societal goal (finding the balloons) Know the 3 conditions Dr. Crane gave that must be met to use the internet to engage in individual behavior change o 1) Clear target (find balloons) o 2) Verifiable solution (tell us the correct geographic coordinate of each balloon) o 3) No cost for people to participate Be able to analyze a public health case study to determine if it meets Dr. Crane’s 3 conditions
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332 Final Review Sheet - Public Health Research Know the...

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